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Strict Tempo - Tango MP3s
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Dance Mania
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Tango is a social dance originating in Buenos Aires Argentina. The musical styles that evolved together with the dance are also known as "tango". The music derived from the fusion of various forms of music from Europe. Despite its image as a harsh and staccato competition dance, the Ballroom Tango has endured as the dance expression of some of the most romantic and popular music of all time.
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01_La Cumparsita_Dance Mania.mp3
02_Dejame en paz_Dance Mania.mp3
03_Rosa Triste_Dance Mania.mp3
04_Adoration_Dance Mania.mp3
05_Club Del Paso_Dance Mania.mp3
06_Tango Jack_Dance Mania.mp3
07_Tango Nuevo_Dance Mania.mp3
08_Gaze_Dance Mania.mp3
09_Los Ojitos_Dance Mania.mp3
10_Tangonando_Dance Mania.mp3

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